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A Useful Guide to Buy an EC

A Useful Guide to Buy an EC

Everybody wants to be associated with a winner. The choice of most buyers as packaged by Executive Condominium does not come as a surprise. Things are working out right for them if one is to take a look at their performance over the past months that show no sign of slowing down.

Even as this executive condominiums has become the beautiful bride of most buyers, many will end up of disappointed when they fail to get the so much desired new launch Condo of choice that theExecutive Condominium presents. The reason for failure is not lack of cash; there are laid down procedures to be followed. It is a guide to be followed if you are to be numbered among those that will lay a claim to any of these units.

To qualify for any sporting event, you have to pass the eligibility test. In like manner to qualify for any of the new launch Condo units for sale as presented by Executive Condominium, you have to know your eligibility status. With your money, that the next most important factor without which you can never be considered in the sales.

Check this out these requirements:
• Average gross monthly income must exceed $14,000.
• A first time flat owner/have only one property under HDB/have one CPF Housing Grant.
• No to local/overseas property.
• Have not sold any property for the last 30 months.

Do you fall foul of any of the above listed indices? If you have a clean bill from all the conditions mentioned above, then you are qualified to take a shot at any category in the Condo for sale.

After establishing your eligibility, you have to look in the direction of your mortgage. Take due diligence here with a view to ascertaining the best deal among the units that your mortgage can easily accommodate.

The next step towards getting that unit of your desire at this junction is to make a see-it-yourself inspection of the unit. At this juncture, you will have to make a choice out of two, to continue with the purchase if satisfied with what is on ground or to make a u turn outright.

If you have decided on the purchase, you can be classified among successful buyers and the next step is to make the required payments. You will be called upon to book an Executive Condominium by the developer. Thereafter, the OTP form will be given to you to seal the agreement with 5% booking fees. Within 9 weeks 15% of the purchase price is demanded here alongside a 1%-3% legal custom stamp fees.

The final step after fulfilling all the above is to collect the keys to your executive condominium; you are now a proud owner.

The steps above are the simple and easy steps that you have to take to become a proud owner of any of the Executive Condominium Condo units on sale.

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