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After waiting on the curb buyers are back

The hype is on again and developers are putting in everything in their armory to marshal out a sales blue print that will at the end of the day bring in the desired dividends in this forthcoming New launch Condo. The indices going by past sale figures are favorable; the task this time around lies in the marketing ability on the part of the developer to at worst sustain the existing tempo or surpass it to guarantee more gains.

The holidays are around the corner. Developers are looking forward to exploit everything legal about the holidays to boost their sales in these forthcoming sales. Buyers are keeping their eyes open on huge deals such as Sturdee Residences. Others to also watch out for include the of this Kingsford waterbay deals.

This reversal of fortunes in sales was ignited by the executive condominiums (EC). Looking back at the records, the EC in March and April sold 50-70 units of portals put up for sale; excluding new launches. Looking at EC’s record for the same period last year, there was a marked improvement over the 44 units for last year’s sales.

The pressure in demand is getting to the stage where it can no longer be suppressed; yes, not with the government on their part maintaining their rigid stand on measures laid down as regards issues on the cooling method. When demand is bottled up as it is the case here, then sales are bound to overshoot the required index.

Taking Punggol as a performance index, the sales in this Condo for sale for the months of March and April put together sums up to 74 units excluding the index for the last week in April which is excluded in the figure released. Units at Trilive and Sophia hills are also set to benefit on the turn of events.

The measure put in place by the URA under its buyer referral scheme was well exploited by EC. Cash vouchers were issued out for the Terrace scheme by the developer under the scheme of referral. After the successful sale of a unit, both referral and buyer are entitled to $10,000 cash voucher.

There were several other condo for sale projects launched in the space of two months which has also triggered huge sales. Three of such-Brownstone, Vales and Amore; these three recorded the combined sale of 189 units for the Months of March and April. There was no discount whatsoever.

A careful look at the graph of sales made shows that small units in this private residential units are responsible for the larger part of total sales made. However, buyers seeking large units are not completely left out. These categories of buyers are wooed with a price quantum that seems realistic and affordable.

Buyers are back for real. The developers should therefore do all things legal to ensure that they woo buyers into buying.

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