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Bidadari- from Cemetery to Urban Oasis

The Bidadari Transformation

Bidadari was once upon a time a cemetery earmarked for people of different racial backgrounds; today this Singapore condo site is in the news for a different reason, occupying a more prominent position-a new launch condo.

This abode of the dead is now been transformed to abode of the living. The inspiration for this project was derived from the lake garden then known as Alkaff. The master plan for the condo for sale within the site has already been unveiled by the minister for national development.

The topography of Bidadari is not smooth; rather it is a rolling and undulating one. It is a 96 ha estate. There is room for recreation in this proposed project. This is represented by a 10ha space of green lung at the heart of the whooping 96ha space.

The national development minister in his key note address said that every new estate will as a matter of principle will be better than the ones before it being the policy direction of the housing board.

The site is to be transformed into a modern oasis consisting of 11,000 housing units. Two other estates will spring up alongside. A method of fashioning out a formula for social interaction between these three housing units has been fashioned out they are:

  • Establishment of more public spaces.
  • Provision of the combination of pedestrian and cycling networks.
  • Setting aside some area classified as green space.

When the above modalities are put in place, it will promote greater social interactions between the inhabitants of the area. Each of the three estates will be allowed to thrive exhibiting its own characteristics, thereby expressing its own individual traits.

The housing mix for Bidadari is in the ratio of 10% for the private individual and 90% for the public sector. For your information the corpses of the dead has been exhumed about 11years ago. This Singapore condo site is now a free land.

Bidadari is centrally located. It is a center of attraction any time any day. Those that buy into the 10% left for the private will no doubt get good value on their investment-guaranteed. A stretch of the road in Bidadari will be decommissioned to commemorate Bidadaris past and it will form a part of the proposed heritage walk. The condo for sale at the site can only be compared to some top Singapore condo units such as the venue residence and sturdee residences. You should also be on the lookout for prominent units such as Sims Urban Oasis.


One can agree with the minister no less on the truth of the matter that these housing units will be by far better than the ones before it.

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