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Choosing your Ideal Apartment

Choosing your Ideal Apartment

What to Buy

Even though it is a challenge to get a unit that caters for all the needs of the singles, retirees, and growing families, most of the popular developers such as Kingsford have come up with units that cater for all lifestyle needs. Each of their new launch condo units at Kingsford Waterbay has been built with varying needs of buyers in mind. Other Singapore condo units to consider are those at 26 Newton.

  1. To the Singles and Young Couples

As a single or a young couple who are yet to start a family, there are many factors to consider when buying an apartment. You should buy an apartment that is not only has a good look but also offers maximum comfort and ease. An ideal unit should cater for all your lifestyle needs from gaming to sleeping to entertainment. The apartment should be spacious enough to host friends when you throw in a party. As for the young couples a perfect fit would be an apartment that is in close proximity to central locations such as the CBD and roads. They should also consider a unit that has flexible layouts if they are considering starting a family. With all these in mind, a perfect unit type for singles and young couples would be suites.

  1. For Families

The needs of a family are diverse and will vary depending on the family size. Some of the most common needs of a family that has kids would be reputable schools, enrichment centers, recreation facilities, and shopping centers. It is important to an easy access to amenities and facilities such as the workplace, health centers, supermarkets, and shopping malls. The apartment should also accommodate the entire family. You should also consider some facilities such as outdoor playgrounds, barbeque pits, and swimming pools. Most of the condo for sale at Kingsford Waterbaycaters for the needs of the family. A perfect fit for a family unit is habitat.

  1. Retirees

As we age we desire most of the things we need to be nearby. The space we live in also has to be small but big enough to accommodate our belongings. Safety and ease of movement is also a major concern when we age. Therefore, the retiree should get a unit that is well furnished and thoughtfully laid-out. It should also ensure an easy access to facilities and amenities such as reflexology paths, recreation parks, MRT stations, clinics, shops and outdoor spaces. Suites meet such needs.

  1. Investors

Investing in property is a great way of earning passive income. Therefore, the investor should look out for a unit that will guarantee the best return on investment. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a condo for sale include; location, convenience, amenities, proximity to schools and workplaces, and easy access to transport options. An ideal choice for the investor is a suite or Habitat.

Once you understand the type of apartment that best meets your needs, you can never go wrong as a buyer. To get you started, check out the great deals at Sturdee Residences and the exclusive condos at 26 Newton.

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