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Low Rise New Launch Condo Site near Sembawang Park

Low Rise New Launch Condo Site near Sembawang Park

Ring the alarm. Yes you heard me right because as you read this article the tender for a residential site near Sembawang Park has been made public. The urban redevelopment authority has so announced. The number of housing units involved? It can yield up to 110 housing units for the benefit of residents.

This 99 years lease hold site at Jalan Kandis comes under consideration for the first half of the government land sale program for the year 2016. This decision of the government is one taken in the right direction.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of getting on the bidders list for this housing estate is very clear and open for those with discerning eyes who is knowledgeable of trends in the housing sector.

First in consideration is this benefits that surround these units. There are benefits that you can catch up on which are of immense benefits to you if you care to see reasons.

Imagine the benefits that those living in a housing estate enjoy. The school is there to cater for educational needs of her inhabitants. Talk about trade and commerce? It is already established.

In actual fact, all that makes living a comfort have been adequately put in place in this condo for sale. Mind you, the level attained by the housing estate is a long journey of years of careful planning, design and redesign of existing structures before the height of today is achieved.

If you buy into this Singapore condo today; you will no doubt begin to enjoy the facilities of an established estate from the word go. The reason is simple; this condo site is next to a landed housing estate.

Underline that word next; we are not talking about this site being near to; it is directly next to the estate! So you are buying into an established landed estate by proxy if you make the move today. It is as simple as that.

Of equal importance to this strategically located New Launch condo site is another benefit of it being located near executive condominiums. Mark the plural word here as well. It is not just one of such executive condominiums but several of such. Two of these Executive condominiums are Brownstone and Skypark Residences. Can you visualize the spillover effects this will bring on the inhabitants of this Condo site? Great! Do you now see reason why you should take action today?

Final Take

Get to the site and take a view of the next and near site that are the neighbours around this Condo site. You will not need anyone to convince you on the need to take actions. Check out also on other lucrative units at Thomson Impressions and Parc Life.

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