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Sturdee Residences Launch Officially with Slight Higher Prices

Sturdee Residences Launch Officially with Slight Higher Prices

Despite prices at launch being high, a positive response has been received from buyers. This encouraging result in sales is not in any way a surprise because the home work had been done from the very beginning-the choice of location. Two MRT stations are close by; one already in full fledge operations and the other will come into swing in the days ahead.

Also, this launch is very strategic due to the fact that there had been a long wait of a decade and one year. The last in the area took place 11 years ago. The buyers are already in high expectations because of the long wait. This explains the reason why the developers can get away with sales even at an exorbitant price.

Going into the average price unit of the sales in the condo for sale, it is observed that a unit of psf measurement goes for $1,550. Explaining this further, it shows that the starting price is $680,000 for a bedroom unit measuring 420 sq ft.

The highest in the price regime for these sales is the price on the biggest of the bedroom apartments. A pent house of a five bedroom apartment goes for a princely price of $3.2 million. This five bedroom unit occupies a space measuring 1,830 sq ft.

Even when the location is in a choice environment; buyers will still be on the lookout for other factors that will make living worthwhile.

The developers are wise in this regard knowing full well that buyers are not swayed by mere project location. The desire to make buyers have full value for their money made this consortium of developers seek the advice and practical input of an expert. The result was that the design was executed with the touch of excellence. The layout of the Sturdee Residences is a beauty in architectural master piece

Space is a strong factor if buyers were to part with their money. The spacing in these units will make every buyer fall in love at first sight. The available space was professionally managed in a view to letting the buyers have the needed freedom of movement in their various apartments.

The official launch of the new launch condo is around the corner. Going by the pre-launch responses of buyers, there are very strong indications that the prices will be adjusted upwards. Yes that will pose no problems at all to the sales margin. This is only comparable to the stunning response received on other units such as the Forte Suits, cityscape Singapore, and Sims urban oasis.

Everything seems to be in perfect shape for the official launch of this condo for sale. Every buyer loves a combination of beauty and comfort. That is the bargain they are getting for parting with their hard earned cash.

Ask any buyer to pay more in exchange for quality- they will readily oblige you. That is the confidence on which the sales of the Sturdee Residences hang upon.

With quality in place, even at higher prices, the buyers will readily buy into this sturdee residences.

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