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The Cross Island line

The Cross Island Line

Stretching from Jurong to Changi, the cross island line has the potential to save the commuter 40 minutes in travel time. This new line is scheduled to commence operation in the year 2030; but as I write, a lot of controversies have been generated ahead of the date of its commencement of operations- a child of controversy so to say.

This cross island train has the capacity to commute by rail in a day 600,000 thousand passengers. It is targeted to connect rail passengers from the East-West corridor to essential employment destinations. Those considering condo for sale within the area should watch out for this since this will affect the price for new launch condo units.

The network of roads is wide. 50% of the over stations have connections to other lines, creating many more travel options for the commuter. In addition, it will help redistribute load to other lines thereby making improvement on the comfort of passengers on board the train. Developers such as Thomson Impressions and Adana at Thomson will benefit from the project.

Let cost be the Overriding Principle

The government has been harping on the time saving benefits of this cross island line. But the economist is drawing the attention of the government and indeed of the entire populace to the fact that cost implication should be the overriding factor not cheapest way.

The government has said that this project will cost $2 billion more to build the alignment that is intended to skirt the central catchment nature reserve. Doing this will increase the number of passengers that can be picked as well as well as spur business activities along the affected areas.

The question however still persists and is begging for answer: Is the extra $2 billion spent on skirting worth it? This is a poser that is begging for a satisfactory answer.

What Happens to the Loss of Nature?

There are some intangibles which are equally important to man but are not given due considerations. What about the loss of nature? This is equally important in the economist’s study of cost benefits. A price tag should be put on values that have to do with nature as well so as to balance up all the indices. The benefit of nature to the people should not be sacrificed on the altar of building a cross island rail line.

 No Clear Cut Decisions.

In line with the controversies that have been the lot of the cross island line, the second phase of the environmental impact assessment will be conducted some time at the course of the year. Nature groups have raised their concerns about the impact of the nature works on the soil. Mitigation measures will be taken to reduce such impact.

Final take

This cross island rail project is indeed a child of controversy. Singapore condo developers have to watch out for the outcome of the controversy since its impact is huge.

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