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The Singapore – KL High Speed Rail

The Genesis of the Project

This project was announced in February 2013; as at then, the expected completion date was put at year 2020. But due to the complex nature of work involved viz: the design and tender processes which is expected to take two years and the construction proper which is expected to take seven years, there was the need for a shift in date.

In the light of the above, we are told that we have to wait a little longer than the earlier date of 2020. The wait will be a worthwhile one. Imagine travelling between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in 90minutes! This novelty in travelling is indeed worth the wait if permitted to speak for the sake of emphasis.

How Many Stopover do we expect?

There will be only seven stops along the route of this rail to be served by a slower service alongside a nonstop option of an express.  The terminus in Malaysia will be in Bandar Malaysia. It is a 200-hectare project sitting on a land located in Songhai Besi. The terminus at the Singapore end is located at the present base of the Jurong country club.

The Travel Cost

The travel tickets for this express train service are expected to be in the region of $80 to $90 per trip. This is subject to daily change depending on the prevailing force of demand.

It is however expected that the price will be pegged to that of a budget airline whose fare for a 45minutes flight is put at about $40.  A ticket for a round trip referred to as return ticket in air travel is expected to cost $148 or RM400.

For Whom

Looking at the cost per trip, this express train service is not for the worker- it is exorbitant. For those on business trips and those on leisure, the LSR will provide the desired means of travel; it makes things rather easy for them. It will affect greatly the demand for new launch condo units within the region. Lake Grande and Lakeville units will benefit greatly from this project.

Who Are the Bidders?

For now the bid is between Chinese and Japanese firms. In fact, both countries have formed consortiums on both sides of their divides to ensure that they get the winning bid. The project is estimated to cost $14.9 billion.

Final Take

This if completed will transform Jurong into the second central business district.

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