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To be completed by 2030 and Will Change the Face of Woodlands

Northern Singapore will never be the same again after 2030. Government plans are underway towards building one of the biggest general hospitals in the north. The plan has been propelled by the growing demand from an ageing population in the region. The hospital which is set to be built between 2020 and 2030, in or near Woodlands, is among 4 others that will be built during the same period.

Apart from the mega hospital facility, there will be a number of other community hospitals and nursing homes that will be built alongside the hospital by the stipulated time. As a matter of fact, construction of two hospitals is underway at Sengkang ahead of the bigger project. These consist of a general and a community hospital which will hopefully be completed by 2018.

The new hospital facility at Woodlands will completely change the landscape in the area. The humongous structure can be likened with Health City Novena. It will be made up of a medical school, hospital, public spaces for leisure, and step-down facilities. Its first floor, referred to as the “Community Heart” will boast of cafes, an auditorium for community events, retail outlets, and seats. There will also be hospital gardens that will be open to the public.

The 10-year project at Woodlands may kick-off earlier than anticipated. In a speech given during the ground-breaking ceremony, Professor Christopher Cheng, the pro-tem chief executive officer of Sengkang hospitals made a promise to open the outpatient units by January 2018. After another three months the wards will be opened for the general hospital. At the end of that year everything will be up and running. Resident from the new launch condo and executive condominium in the north such as Northpark Residences, Sky miltonia, Parc Life will benefit from the transformation.

Situated at the junction of Sengkang East Way and Sengkang East road, the hospital complex will be built on a 6.9ha land and will lie in close proximity to public housing. It will also be linked to Cheng Lim LRT station. This is expected to affect property value within the area, especially if you are looking for condos for sale or any other kind of property. These developments would be floraville, Rivertrees Residences, Highpark Residences  Within the general and community hospital will be 1,000 and 400 bed spaces respectively. These will be used by either of the hospitals. According to Prof Cheng, the hospital complex will be designed such that it is capable of accommodating extra 200 beds thus increasing the hospital’s capacity to 1600 beds.

Sengkang’s mega health complex will come with an exceptional design. Its public areas located within the first floor will be a clean area. The hospital’s major facilities will start from the first floor with an exception of the emergency department that will be located at the ground floor for convenience purposes. The medical facility will not only cater for the aging population but will also meet the needs of the young population within Sengkang. Available within the facility will be obstetric, pediatric, and gynecology outpatient units for the young people. The young who would like to be admitted will be sent to KKH.For pregnant woman, the facility will cater for their needs. The facility will offer pre-natal and ante-natal care. However, there will be no deliveries within the hospital. That will be done at KK Women’s and Children’s hospital.

The future is quite promising for the new unit but it has its share of setbacks. Its key challenge, according to Prof Cheng, is in getting the 5000 people required for a smooth operation of the facility. In fact recruitment for the same has begun. This is a huge project that is expected to completely revolutionize medical access and service quality at Woodlands. It will meet the needs of all ages, including the elderly and the young.

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