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Wisteria- A Place to be priced below 1$ Million

Wisteria- A Place to be priced below 1$ Million

It all began when the CEO of BBR holdings noted the virgin potential of the landscape. The landscape has no structure on ground that it can boast of, but it has great potentials.

There are only five bidders jostling for the exclusive rights to this priced possession. At the end of the bidding proceedings; BBR and its joint venture partners won the bid with a princely sum of $185.09 million.

The total gross floor area is 294,150 sq ft. Out of these; 176,490 sq ft is set aside for residential use while the remaining part of the land which represents 40% is set aside for retail use.

The Location

Location is very important for the success or otherwise of any venture here on earth. The location of this landed property will be a delight to all and sundry. The facts are there to be verified; it is there to be seen.

Ever heard of PPVC (Prefabricated, Pre-finished Volumetric Construction Technology)? This site is the first land tender of government to stipulate the use of this technology. This site is one of the early adopters of PPVC. This site is a place where expectations are met just like other lucrative sites like Kingsford waterbay and Thomson impressions.


The structure is well laid out. There is a mall here with over 100 shops accompanying it. Can you beat the variety that will be obtained in this condo for sale? It is fantastic to say the least.

As at today, Fairprice Finest has acquired 15,000 sq ft of the land mass for development purposes. They are not alone in the rush to Wisteria. Kopitiam food court has also taken up 16,000 sq ft. The scramble for the land mass has indeed begun in earnest.

Aware of the economic recession which is not isolating Singapore condo, one might rightly argue that PPVC comes with additional overhead costs of 18% far above the conventional building methods.

But consider the following positives that PPVC has over the so called alternative methods in building:

  • It requires 30% fewer workers.
  • It is 20% more efficient.

Can you see from the argument above that PPVC is rather a money saving approach to the construction business? The facts of the matter have been laid bare.

Why you must buy now.

The time to buy is now given the fact that at the initial launch of this Singapore condo, you stand to benefit a princely 5% cut on any of the purchases.

Average price range is from $916psf-$1168psf; it will go up afterwards. Time to invest is now. This new launch condo is a worthy investment.

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